How long will it take for my order to ship?
My typical production time right now is around 5-7 business days, sometimes it will go out sooner and other times if I'm running a bit slower, it could take a couple more days.
If at any point if you’d like to know when your order will ship just message me and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you with an estimated date! 

How long does it take for my order to arrive once it’s shipped?
Please note that with the ongoing pandemic, USPS has been experiencing delays in getting packages delivered within their normal timeframe (both First Class and Priority), and I am unable to offer guaranteed delivery dates right now. Please be prepared for a possible significant delay once your order has been shipped.

Shipping times vary. Please note that sometimes the postal service runs into delays which unfortunately is out of my control once the package leaves my hands.

USA First class packages: 2-12 business days

Do you ship internationally?
At this time, I only ship to the US. If you are an international customer, please go to my Etsy shop to place an order. 

What do I do if I think my package is lost?
USPS can run into delays, a package is considered lost if it does not arrive within 30 days of an order being shipped. Please try and wait the 30 days, and if it still doesn’t arrive please contact me and I will do my best to look into it and help find a solution.

What do I do if my package was marked as delivered but I can’t find it?
USPS can sometimes mark packages as delivered prematurely, so what I recommend doing it:
1) Check around your house, near the mailbox, on the porch etc.
2) Ask other members of your household if maybe they brought it in
3) Check with neighbors, talk with your mailman to see where he left it
4) Most importantly, I highly recommend either going to or calling your local USPS and providing them with the tracking number and letting them know it says delivered but you are unable to find it. Their system has GPS coordinates in which they should be able to locate where they marked it as delivered.